Monday, 12 December 2011

Motivational posters...

Sneak Preview

So this year I attempted a lot of chocolate inspired cookies. Some filled with strawberries, some decorated, some just plain delicious. I then packed them nicely into a pretty box, put the decorations on (seen below) and ended with pretty ribbons. I give these away as Christmas presents to my family every year. Even sold a few this year.

But let me just tell you baking is a lot of work. I thought when the clock struck 1 in the morning, and a layer of butter, sugar and flour was caked onto my skin, that I would not come out alive the other side. I was poofed. Baking almost 1600 cookies is no joke. Just wish my family were a bit smaller… Anyway, I enjoyed every minute of it, actually. The list of cookies were Chocolate Gingerbread, Nutella Dream cookies, Chocolate strawberry Wafers, Chocolate and Strawberry Spiral cookies and Chocolate shortbread (mmmm my favourite) I baked up a storm, packed and decorated, drank some wine in between, slept, ate (a few cookies to), but most of all I felt the Christmas spirit coming alive. The spirit of giving, sharing and loving. I will post the complete boxes, cookie recipes and pictures later this month. Keep a look out.

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