Monday, 21 November 2011

Tipsy Ladies

WOW! these are definitely for the girls.

They are delectable dark chocolate cupcakes, infused with a sherry twist. And to top it off strawberry flavoured frosting, a block of dark chocolate and a drunken strawberry! These were truly my first creation, in collaboration with a dear friend (I love her creative juices). I enjoyed making them and couldn’t resist eaten two.  I think they would be ideal for girlie weekends away, bachelorettes or even just if you need some light-hearted fun!

Recipe will follow tomorrow.

Cupcake quote by Emily, use

Cupcake quote by Emily, use (clipped to

Hello blog world!!!

so...this is my first post! So excited, what to say, what to show, what to do? Well I have seriously been thinking about this, since I had lunch, which was sort of healthy, Tuna salad! (don't fret will give you that recipe soon).

So I think we will kick it off with Christmas.

So it's the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la! Every year, I have been doing Christmas cookies. Tins/boxes, any type of container filled with scrumptious cookies for all to enjoy. A lovely design on it, with ribbons to hearts content, and message of Christmas loving cheer! I will be updating with recipes of each cookie, and how my design and sanity is going over the next couple of be prepared for flour, fun and oh so sweetness of home baked goodness!