Tuesday, 10 January 2012

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Toffee tumbles…tumbled…

I thought to myself this weekend, push yourself. Make a cupcake that really challenges you. And what happened…Not only was it the hottest day I have experienced, but I now know why there are people like the naked chef…hehehe! I thought fine Choux pastry, homemade vanilla custard, toffee, almond cupcakes, how hard could it be?

Let me tell you something I nearly died, but at least I learned some new skills, and I must say to myself but that vanilla custard…mmm is to die for. I even got some request that there should have been more custard. So after some blood, sweat and fears, I made these toffee tumbles and I was impressed. 300 little choux pastry balls, is not for sissies. I even made beautiful sugar shards to place on top. The cupcakes looked beautiful. So I put them in a container, popped them in the fridge and awoke the next morning to disaster.

I took them out of the fridge, left them on the counter, quickly got ready for work and low and behold when I opened the container, the toffee and the sugar shards had melted, even the custard melted, making them tumble. I was like "DISASTER". But all in all they tasted really good. I injected each cupcake with extra custard, and put some almonds in the batter and some almond essence as well. The flavors were really strong…mmm just the way I like it!

So give it a crack. It’s really beautiful cupcakes, hard to eat and a lot of effort, but if you have the cupcakeness in you, why not…

Recipe to follow tomorrow!

Inspiration day...

Motto for today...and maybe just the rest of my life!!!