Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ingrida & Adriaan

What a beautiful day! I had the honor of making a beautiful chocolate cake with purple fondant and icing, topped with lovely frangipani flowers for Ingrida and Adriaan on their special day. I baked and baked, made icing (my mixer was working over time), my hands were coloured purple and lucky the weather was perfect. Any finally came out with this beautiful creation.

 I must say there were a few moments when I thought, “oh no!” Firstly when I started colouring the fondant, oops the purple colouring wasn’t purple at all. It came out baby blue. Ok so this was my first moment of panic. And then I was furious, because I bought 3 bottles of colouring (American coloring) and the first bottle I try was a dud. So I though don’t panic, just add red…mmm epic fail. Then the fondant started to turn to mush, the colour came out black. I was ready to throw in the towel. But then I decided “no way!”So the next morning I marched down to the local baking shop, bought more fondant and first gave them a word about the colouring, and then I started again. The result a beautiful purple fondant, “miracle”I said to myself and was really happy! 

 So after all that I delivered the cake, it looked beautiful and I was so happy. I never thought it could be so nerve wrecking! But all in all, every cake and cupcakes is a learning curve. From here on out…the moon…