Friday, 26 October 2012

Champagne celebrations!

It’s been a while cupcake lovers! Things have been hectically busy, with Christmas looming around the corner...eeek! So much planning to do, so little time. And not to speak of all the red velvet I have been making. Please can this fad pass, I have red velvet coming outa my ears!

Well I have been dying to make champagne cupcakes for ions and finally got the opportunity to try. I found a lovely recipe and all I can say these are indeed scrumptious, bubbly filled cupcakes that are worth a try. I opted for white and pink champagne, going into a strawberry filled cupcake and a chocolate stuffed vanilla cupcake. The recipe calls for lots’ champagne so get your bottles ready, and I found it said you will have one glass left after all the cooking is done...mmm I had a few more, hiccup! I tried to make a strawberry chip for the top of my one cupcake, but it takes 3 hours in the oven to dry ;-(. And I had a lot of champagne and was feeling incredibly sleepy twelve o'clock at night. So mine was slightly floppy and very sticky, but still nice ;-)

Remember to always borrow a bit here, create a new cupcake and love what you do! Recipes to follow soon!