Thursday, 28 March 2013

Monkey trouble

So March has been a busy month, requests left, right and center. And me, I really enjoy cupcakes, more then cakes, but a friend of a friends little boy turned 1. I know first birthdays are a big deal. Firstly I said lets do banana cupcakes, with monkey faces on top. And then I saw this super cute monkey cake. I showed it to the friend and she was sold. Oopsie, so there I was, freaking out completely, I have to make a monkey cake!!!

So going bananas and making bananas, which I must say  was so much fun. I made peeled ones, upside down ones, closed ones and a bunch of bananas. The baking started, 4 cakes down I thought ok, now for the decorating. Chocolate and caramel frosting, green leaves, glitter, bananas, smiles, eyes... all checked.

The result, perfect! A monkey for a little monkey!