Thursday, 1 November 2012

Death by chocolate flop?

Being over worked and very tired, getting home a bit late and realizing I still have to bake about 24 cupcakes, my body kicked into over drive mode. It was almost as if my body was just moving, but my mind was already asleep. So it was a friends last day at work and she wanted something chocolate, she loves chocolate, so the baking cogs starting turning and my mind went on a whirl wind of ideas.

Naturally I make a killer chocolate icing, so that has to top this cupcake, and in the middle a creamy chocolate filled ball, and little chocolate chips inside this beauty and I thought, bob’s you’re uncle. But being so tired I totally forgot to add baking soda to a very trusted chocolate cupcake recipe. And to top it off I added twice the amount of baking powder. And as I put these beauties in the oven I realize this crucial fact. Oh boy now I start stressing, thinking my word am I going to stand here the whole night? Now I have to remake and re-bake more cupcakes. So I pour myself a glass of wine and wait for 20 minutes to be over.

With bated breath I pull them out of the oven, they look perfect, almost oozing chocolaty goodness. This being form the chocolate chips in the batter which created little pockets of chocolate. I let them cool, and immediately try one...surprise surprise, they are thick, moist and crunchy on the outside. My word it tasted like a love affair between a cupcake and a chocolate brownie! YES it’s a brownie cupcake, pure perfection, from what was supposed to be a complete flop...