Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bright-eyed & busy-tailed!

Oh how I love colours. The rainbow is close to my heart. I could full my life with colours all day long. So you can imagine how excited I was, when a colourful kitchen tea came along and asked for ice cream cone cupcakes in bright, bold and beautiful colours, The order of the day, green, blue, purple and pink!

Then I thought, OMG, how am I gonna pull this off? These colours are extremely bright, bold and beautiful. So I got the baking book out, made some baking sums, bought some covering paper and beautiful flowing ribbons. All in all separating the colours into pairs of blue & pink and green & purple, worked perfectly. These were such a delight. Stuffed with mini coloured marshmallows in the middle, these were a real hit.

Two Oceans Aquarium Wedding!

A colleague of mine tied the knot on 16 March 2013, and asked me to make her wedding cake and cupcakes. Oh boy, was I excited, and a themed wedding with that to. Finally my skills can be put to the test.

Lene and Gareth decided to do everything a bit different, and the venue WOW! Their reception was held in front of the big shark tank. Lene being the animal, critter and creature lover that she is, I accepted nothing else.

We uhmed and aahed about what to make? We deiced on a whole sea/beach experience. The first set of cupcakes would be water and shark fins, then starfish on half sea, half beach. The last set would be a the beach with flip flips and a cocktail umbrella.  Wow I had my worked cut out for me.

The cake would be in the ever popular ombre style, even the inside matched the outside. It was amazing how this style reflected the water beautifully. She also asked for penguin cake toppers. I was nervous, stressed and thought you’re in over your head. But knew in the end the masterpiece would come together.

She looked beautiful in a fishtail dress, everything so well thought through. Congratulations Lene and Gareth, may you share many more wonderful years together. And thank you for this amazing opportunity...

Get up & go...

I have attempted the coffee cupcake before, and failed miserably. Yes I had to throw a whole batch away :-( So one day returning from work, I smell a lovely cupcake, coffee smell coming from the house. Surprise, the love of my life made cupcakes! And damn good ones to, delicious coffee chocolate cupcakes. I helped a bit with the decoration in the end, but all in all, they came out perfect, and oh so good!