Monday, 14 May 2012

Coffee addictions...

I am one of those people who really love a good cup of coffee. So I thought to myself, why not add it to the other thing I love so much...cupcakes!!! So I plotted and planned, brewed some coffee, added here and there and had a major disaster as well.

I tried this awesome new recipe, and low and behold it failed two times in a row. I was devastated, never have I failed at this cupcake making adventure. So I said to myself, never give up and tried once again. Third time was a charm, I used a different recipe that called for sugar instead of castor sugar and I also used another batch of eggs. With these two factors corrected, my cupcakes looked and smelled perfect! I was so excited to taste these delicious cupcakes. I added a filling of caramel and chocolate bits...mmmm...this was the cherry in top...hehehe!

Topped with delicious coffee frosting and a dollop of fresh cream, these coffee chocolate cupcakes were to die for. Blue mountain peaks is definitely a full bodied, mouth watering and after dinner snack.