Friday, 4 May 2012

Double treat!

Its been hectically busy here in cupcake land... been working like a dag, having little time to bake (sad face) so I decided to treat my nagging mother (love her to bits). YES she has been saying: “When are we going to taste your cupcakes? When is it our turn? PLEASE make us some of your delicious cupcakes!”A double whammy was in order, so I started baking away hectically on which was suppose to be a public holiday.

Firstly I made my mothers favourite cake, and I think everybody else’s favourite in the world Red velvet. I put a little surprise for her inside, a rose Turkish delight. What a nice combination, the red velvet taste, with the cream cheese icing and then this little sweet rose flavoured treat in the middle! Mmm we devoured them all!

Then my obsession at the moment is elephants of coarse, and then the thought of amarula cream popped into my head. So I headed to the local store, grabbed some amarula and started the baking craze. And yes the little treat in the middle was this amazing amarula chocolate I found in the store, its so creamy and chocolaty. WOW... and the icing, infused with amarula, tasted delicious, I think I ate more of the icing then anything else.