Friday, 6 September 2013

Spot the dots!

I have been gone for a loooooong time fellow bloggers. Well the cupcakes never stopped, which is seriously good, if you ask me! Life has been hectic, up’s. down’s and everything in between, new job, new house, new everything…but I returned with these pretty little ones.

These spot the dots are just fabulous red velvetines,with a lekker squashy marshmallow inside. The frosting was flavoured, yellow – lemon, pink – cherry and purple – bubblegum. Mmmmm I made these for a friends sisters little girl. She celebrated her first year on earth, with a big smile and delicious cupcakes in her hand! There was a gigantic cupcake for little Izzy and many small ones for the other youngsters to enjoy!

Enjoy the pics, and remember life to short, lick the bowl!

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